Best Shopify Font Apps

Web-based shopping ought to be entertaining! Furthermore, your objective as an online dealer is to make the shopping experience smooth and simple. Your client ought not to burrow through your Shopify store pages attempting to discover important items among immaterial data. 

In the event that your clients can’t discover what they need rapidly, they would essentially leave your site disappointed. Because of the researcher’s examination, clients leave the site in 10-20 seconds; that is the reason you ought to put forth a valiant effort to improve the client experience. 

Text styles are important for a smooth client experience, and today we will assist you with picking an ideal text style methodology for your Shopify store and offer the best Shopify text styles. In the event that you don’t have an online shop yet, don’t spare a moment to begin your Shopify store for nothing.

Fontify ‑ Use any font

With Fontify, you can utilize any textual style both Google and custom text styles! In the event that you need to utilize redo text styles, simply transfer the textual style record and the application will do all the other things. 

This application will import any textual style you transferred and measure it to make it work in your store. You just need to pick your text style, select the components which you need to use for it… and you’re finished! 


  • Simple to introduce 
  • Simple to arrange 
  • Use with any text style 
  • Supports all Google text styles 
  • Viable with all Shopify topics (likewise custom subjects: Gecko, Basel, Elessi, Molla, and Boutique from The4) 
  • Utilize Free Google text styles


Montserrat is a lightweight textual style that will turn out better for body text. You can undoubtedly combine it with an inventive Playfair Display.

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